Brittney Breakey


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A Snippet About Me…

I love reading children’s fiction, journaling about the mountaintops and valleys of a writer’s life, dates with the most amazing husband in the world, Saturdays at the library, thrift store bargains, chips and salsa, music of all kinds, competitive games of Pictionary, animated movies, family barbecues, taking pictures, texting my family and friends way too much, making homemade music videos with my goofy sisters, and celebrating a long day of writing with ice cream.

I’m a two-time graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature, and I’m currently working on a humorous mystery for middle graders.

I launched Author Turf in January 2011, and it has been an honor to connect with so many successful authors, promote their work, and learn about their writing processes. I hope you enjoy each and every interview!


The night I fell in love with writing…

Mom and I were in the office, unpacking boxes one night, way past my bedtime. She reached for a book with worn edges and a faded cover. “I remember loving this one,” she said. “Britt, you should read this.”

Being eight, I took her words quite literally. I grabbed the book, climbed the rungs of my new bunk bed, and flew through the novel in the span of a few hours.

And that’s when my wheels started turnin’.

I had a serious decision to make. Should I be a detective like Nancy Drew or a writer like Carolyn Keene?

Can you guess which one I chose?




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