Jo-Knowles-of-Hartland-with-Fred-left-and-GeorgeGetting to know Jo…

Jo Knowles is the author of See You At Harry’s, Pearl, Jumping Off Swings, and Lessons from a Dead Girl. Some of her awards include the SCBWI Crystal Kite Award, the PEN New England Children’s Book Discovery Award, YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults, and Bank Street College’s Best Books for Children. For more info, visit her website, blog, Facebook, and Twitter

Let the conversation begin!

What is your very favorite part of the day?

When my family is sitting around the dinner table. 

What is your best scar? How did you get it?

I have a scar on my left cheek from an epic battle with my sister. I think it was over a hairbrush. 

If you were a spy what would your alias be?

You will have to ask Libba Bray. She is responsible for all of my aliases. 

What do you want people to remember you for?

Just me, I guess. 

What is the best thing you have done in your life?

I think I still have work to do on that one. 

If you were blind for the rest of your life, what would you miss seeing the most?

My son’s smile. 

What chore do you hate the most?

Emptying and cleaning the compost bucket. 

What is your most disappointing moment in life?

When I see or hear people being mean to each other. 

When have you laughed the hardest?

Over a story a friend who shall not be named told about a celebrity who shall not be named and a mysterious third party. 

What is the best reward anyone could give you?

Telling me something I said or wrote helped them look at the world a little differently. 

If you had a band what would you name it?

I am already in a band but we play in secret. So… The No Names? 

Favorite meal of the day?


If you were a pirate, what would your name be?


Pen or Pencil?

Pen. And more specifically, Sharpie. 

What is one thing about you people are surprised to learn?

Sometimes when people get to know me they say,“I always thought you were a snob but now I realize you’re just super shy!” This is meant to make me feel better but is actually kind of horrifying. I’m trying very hard to be less shy to avoid this ever happening again.