cover - pirate boy with cutout circle brown w blueGet to know Nina…

Nina Seven is an illustrator and surface designer from beautiful Seattle, WA. She lives in a 1909 Craftsman style home with her family and a couple of crazy cats, named Scout and Zoey. The house is filled with colorful painted walls and lots of colorful art.

Ever since she was a young girl, she had a passion for creating. Working as an illustrator is a testament that dreams really can come true. (with a lot of hard work, of course!) She has illustrated several children’s books for Fabuloos Dreams, an international company that makes personalized books and stationery items. For more info, visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Quirky Questions

What is the worst occupation in the world?

Honey Bucket cleaner. 

What is your greatest phobia?   

I’m deathly afraid of opossums. 

If you ran a funeral home, what would your company slogan be?

We dig you? 

What is the messiest place in your home?

All of the closets.Out of sight, out of mind. 

What current product do you think will baffle people in 100 years?


What is the last thing you paid money for?

A Starbucks coffee. I’m a hopeless coffee addict. 

What is the best thing about staying at a hotel?

Clean, fresh sheets every day! 

What is one thing you do with determination every day?

Decide to be happy, every day. 

What healthy habit are you glad you have? 


What’s your worst habit?

Eating chocolate. 

What would you title your autobiography?

Seven. It’s an unusual last name, so I think it would make a great title for a book. 

Knowing what you know now, what would you change about your high school experience?

I’d go to prom. I never went, because I thought it would be lame, but now I think it might have been a good memory to have. 

What is the first thing you notice when you meet someone?

Their smile. 

If you could travel back to 1492, what advice would you give Columbus?

Be kind to the native Americans. 

unnamed Illustrating Questions

How do you deal with creativity blocks?

I get away from the computer and go for a walk or get a coffee. I always come back with a fresh perspective.

Do you feel that you chose your passion, or did it choose you?

I chose it. I worked for many years as a Visual Merchandising Manager at a department store. After I left, I decided to make a career as an illustrator and I worked hard at making my dream come true.

Who or what has helped you to persevere through the challenges?

My husband is so supportive of my career and has been with me through good times and bad.

If you were no longer able to illustrate, how else would you express your creativity? Photography. I love Instagram and follow a daily photo challenge, based on a word prompt. It’s so much fun!

What words of inspiration were given to you that you would like to pass along to others?

Never give up and work hard!

Do you have family members who are writers or illustrators?

My husband is a writer and so was my Mom and I have two aunts who are artists.

What was your childhood like? Did your upbringing influence the way you illustrate today?

I had a great childhood, and grew up surrounded by people who loved me. I think that goes a long way in shaping who you become as you grow up. I was given the support I needed to be whatever I chose.

Has your creativity changed stylistically as you have matured? If so, in what ways? Absolutely! The more you work at something, the better you get at it. My style keeps changing as I get better with the tools that I use.

When do you feel the most energized?

Mid-morning, after a couple of cups of coffee!

Does your illustrating reflect your personality?

I think so. I’m a pretty happy person and I like fun and colorful things, so I think that shows in my work.

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