Get to know Edward…

Edward Bloor is the author of many successful, fast-paced books. His newest book Memory Lane is now available as an e-reader. For more info, visit his website.

Let the conversation begin!

Of all your books, which was hardest to write? 

My latest novel, Memory Lane, was the hardest. I spent my usual two years researching and writing it. However, even after five successful novels, I could not find a publisher. I tried rethinking the novel, and nearly consigned it to the proverbial bottom drawer, but then I saw a way. I published it myself electronically on and Now it has a chance, which is all any of us can ask for.

Which book was the easiest?

London Calling was the easiest. I worked it out, at least in outline form, on a train ride from King’s Cross Station to York, about four hours. It included years of research on World War II, though.

Tell us about your newest book, Memory Lane.

Memory Lane is about a theme park (can you tell I live in Orlando?) where you get to re-live the happiest week of your life. Alice, who lost her father at age 3 and recently lost her mother, goes to the theme park to bond with her extended family. Ostensibly, they are reliving the week of her grandparents’ 50th anniversary. But this trip into the past reveals some shocking memories that were perhaps better left buried.

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

Caroline Cooney once told me, in so many words: When writing for young adults, make sure your good guy is good; your bad guy is bad; and that your bad guy gets it in the end.