get-attachment-15Get to know Ginae… 

Ginae Lee Scott is married with three children and has brought color and humorous stories to her illustrated books for children. Her chapter book, Adventures with Samantha Fellows will keep the young reader reading. Eight chapters of continuous story, with every chapter a new adventure. Mulberry Lane, Karoub’s Christmas Story, is a favorite for every reading level. Her first novel, Looking Through the Water, is beautiful and gripping. She is also the founder of Scarlet Thread Faith and the owner of the soon-to-be publishing company, Turn the Page Publishing. For more information on Ginny, visit her website.

Let the conversation begin!

What was your favorite book to write?

I have enjoyed writing all my books for different reasons but my favorite has to be my new novel, Looking Through the Water. Due to the size of the book I was able to get to know my characters better. The book took over a year to write and during that time I spent a lot of time developing each character, thus getting to know them. When the characters become life-like, it is an awesome experience for the writer.

Can you tell us about the new book you’re working on?

The new book I am working on is a YA Novel, the title is Lilliana. Lilliana is a wonderful, inspiring story. The book is coming to life and the characters are realistic people you could relate too, feel for and wish the best for. The story takes place in a Florida rural area. Lily is sixteen and has a ‘big purpose’ in her high school and the student’s lives who attend there.

Her father is the local pastor of a huge church. He is suffering from a great loss. Lily doesn’t realize it yet but she has a purpose in his life also. How does a teenager trying to figure out her own life, help others? In Lilliana, the bigger picture is in place…. there is always a purpose.

What was the best writing advice you’ve ever received?

An editor on my book, Mulberry Lane, told me the manuscript was almost perfect. Too perfect. He told me, “remember you are the writer, I am the editor,  write, you are to write not edit. As a writer if you stop to edit—you could lose your train of thought. Write. edit later!” I do fall into editing because you want it perfect but I agree, when the “writing” is upon you, write only!